Ghanashyam Medhi has prepared a Mathematical Kit box that helps to explain 100+ geometrical and algebraic relations. s


The Department of Science, Mahematics and Computer Science has prepared a Science Kit box one for primary level and another for secondary level. The former has materials for about 50 experiments and the latter for 100+ experiments.


  • Diganta Talukdar: M.Phil for his Dissertation "A Study of Copper Doped ZnS Quantum Dots".
  • Nabajyoti Talukdar: M.Phil for his Dissertation "Preparation and Characterization of CdS:Cu Quantum Dots".
  • Nibedita Talukdar: M. Phil for her Dissertation "A Study of the Modern Approach to Boolean Algebra of Proposition".
  • Nisha Devi: First Prize in short story writing competition in 2009 organised by Gariyashi.
  • Ashim Krishna Baruah: Regional selector of ICCR , associated with acting, theatre, film direction and script- writing.
  • Pankaj Dutta:

    Guide of several projects which represented Assam to join National Children Science Congres held at Delhi,Orissa,Guwahati,Kohima,Ahmedabad etc.

    Joined Indian Science Congress as a guide teacher of selected projects at Ahmedabad , Shillong and Kolkata

    Represented India as a guide teacher in international conference on 'Hands on Science' held at Ahmedabad in 2009

    Worked in a project named 'WATEREDISCOVER 2011' as a co-ordinator conducted by NDSU-NORTH Dakata,U.S.A in the format of NASA,USA


    Spinning Wheel Team
  • Ghanashyam Medhi:

    Authored two text books of class VIII and IX of General Mathematics published by S.E.B.A which are the curriculam of present time

    Authored four books on Mathematics for class I,II,III,and IV which are introducd by SARBA SIKSHA MISSION,MEGHALAYA as curriculam.

    Acted in Several T.V. serials like NIRMAL ANANDA,HAHIR JOLONGARE,CANVAS,RAIL O RAIL etc.

academic publications The AJB Trust has published a total no of 86 text books till now

The school follows its own textbooks and reference books up to class VIII, which are prepared by teachers and experts in the respective fields. The books are also sold in the school counter for other schools and interested persons.

The present publications are,

    • Aank-Bank, for Pre-Primary, for age group 4 -5 yrs.
    • Rangere Bulaon Aaha , 3 - 4 yrs.
    • Xanmihali Rong
    • Omolo Aha
    • Shishu
    • Sabi Aanko Aami
    • Natun Bigyan
    • Mahan Bigyanir Chaneki Jibanor
    • Aami aaru Aamar Paribesh
    • Prak-Bidyalaya Bebasthapana
    • Ankhar Likhar Ankhora
    • Porhar Ankhora
    • Prak-Bidyalaya Shikha Karjyashuchi
    • Pati Ganit
    • Ganit
    • Sabi Aru Rong
    • Jukthakhar Aru Hator Ankhar
    • Axamar Itihash
    • Moukhik Aru Buddhi Parikhkha
    • Byabaharik Aru Sanibaria Bigyan Parikhkha
    • Apon Path
    • Samaj Bigyan (III to VIII)
    • Our English (IV to VIII)
    • Kukurnechia Aru Chagoli
    • Katha Koa Guha
    • Gharua Kam Kara Mekuri
    • Burha-Burhi Aaru Shiyal
    • Shilpa Kala
    • Aao Hindi Shikhe
    • Juktakhar Aur Hastalipi (Hindi)
    • Shankar Dev
    • Michael Angelo
    • Our Spoken English (V to VI)