Libraries Two libraries cater to the needs of the students and faculties- one with issuing counter and reading space, and the other is exclusively for reference books and reading purpose. Pubic may also use the library on request. Total number of books is about 8250. The 60 volumes of ‘Great Books’ and the 22 volumes of Oxford Dictionary are the proud possessions of AJB.
Laboratories One for classes III to V, another for classes VI to X.

Computer Laboratories Seperate laboratories for classes VII - VIII ,IX - X, XI-XII.

Demonstration cum Lecture Room: The teachers use the room when they need to perform an experiment while delivering a lecture.

Audiovisual cum Seminar Room: Films and documentaries are regularly shown to the students. Students have access to educative TV channels.

Resource Room: The teaching aids, developed mostly by the teachers, are kept here and delivered to the class rooms on request.


Activity Room Two,  for the Pre-School section.



  • Krishnakanta Handique scholarship is awarded to students of classes V, VI and VII securing a minimum aggregate of 85% in the preceding class.
  • Anundoram Barooah scholarship is open to students of classes VIII, IX and X securing a minimum aggregate of 85% in the preceding class.
  • Banikanta Kakati scholarship is awarded to students of class X who rank in HSLC examination. It is also open to financially disadvantaged students who obtain a minimum aggregate of 85%. The rank holders should secure a minimum of 70% in the first year examination of +2 Course for continuation of the scholarship.
  • Tridiv Bhattacharyya Scholarship is offered to students having potentiality in co-curricular area. The scholarship is sponsored by the guardians in memory of the dedicated teacher Tridib Bhattacharyya who died prematurely.
  • Santadev Goswami Scholarsip is awarded to the topper in the examination from class IX to class X.
  • Krishna Kanta Duorah Scholarship is received by the students securing highest marks in Assamese in the examinations from class VI to VII and from class VIII to class IX.
  • Special encouraging steps have been taken for H.S. students in their admission procedure since 2014 Academic Session.50% for rebate in their admission,monthly and annual fee for those who has secured 85% or more in H.S.L.C examination.This deduction facility continues in H.S. 2nd year if they score 80% in H.S. 1st Annual Exam

Special Features

  • The guardians of the kids selected through lottery for admission into Pre-school are given an orientation about the totality of the school to facilitate their decision-making before the admission process begins.
  • The students, from class V upwards, assess performance of their teachers in a given format once a year. The Management Committee interacts with the teachers on the basis of the assessment by the students.
  • The Management Committee also assesses the teachers through a System of Appraisal and Assessment twice a year.
  • Important personalities are invited at regular intervals to interact and share their experiences with the students of various levels.
  • The Management Committee meets the staff members four times a year to discuss progress in lesson plan, examination results, self-improvement plan of the teachers and over-all environment of the school.
  • The school has introduced the system of Home Visit. A student's home environment is assessed by the teachers four times during his/her stay of 12 years till class X. The observations are kept in record.
  • Students are encouraged to set up Home Laboratory to develop the habit of experimentation and to carry out project works. On request the teachers visit Home Laboratories and prizes are awarded on selection basis.
  • A record book is provided to every student for communication between the teachers and the parents.
  • Special days like Mahapurush Divas and Bhogali Bihu are observed in the school with full participation of the students and teachers.
  • On a rotation basis two teachers deliver lectures on their chosen topics on Saturdays.
  • Science Day is observed every year with State Level competitions in scientific projects, working models and experiments among the students of different schools. A publication, Prabhat and a wall-magazine are brought out containing science articles by students and teachers.
  • Sahitya Divas is another event observed every year by organizing special lectures and state-level competitions in story-writing. Schools are also invited to send their magazines for selection for Best School Magazine award. A wall-magazine is also brought out on the occasion
  • The school sponsors Student's Visit and Teacher's Visit to important scientific and historical places. The students of class IX and class X tour places outside Guwahati. Other classes are taken on local tours once a year. A group of science teachers visited the science museum in Bangalore in 2007 and the Department of Social Sciences visited Suryapahar in 2009.
  • The teachers have authored many books (published by the AJB Trust) to supplement the reading materials of the prescribed textbooks.
  • An Abhigyan Sibir allows students of class X to spend a night in the school after completion of their HSLC examination. The camp is marked by one or two invited lectures to prepare them for the immediate future. Informal musical night, games and other programmes make the camp enjoyable and unforgettable. In the valedictory function the students are made Lifetime Members of AJB family by offering an "Abhigyan Patra"(The momento card)
  • Anweshan is a monthly magazine published by AJB since Feb 1, 2014. Anweshan is a information based magazine. Anweshan works as filter, so that good and important news can be supplied to the students from the crowd of the news. Articles of current and contemporary issues are also published in the magazine. Anweshan covers all the topics that is useful to students periodically. The editorial board of Anweshan comprises of Dr. Narayan Sarma (Editor),Pankaj Dutta (Associate Editor) and three sub editors Kushal Goswami,Lipimoni Dutta and Pranjal Talukdar. AJB hopes Anweshan can serve the students according to their needs.
Dr.Manmohan Singh,Former Prime Minister in AJB
Bhupen Hazarika in AJB (01-01-2003)
Bhugali Bihu in AJB
Science Exhibition in AJB
School Library of AJB

Multipurpose Study Room

  • Text books of XI,XII for both science and arts are available in the library

  • Internet Connection,LCD projection facility,audio visual study materials,teaching aids,various reference books are available.

  • Teachers can take classes in this room by using all the facilities.

  • For both the students and teachers,the multipurpose study room is like a big window to the wider world of education


Extension Works

  • The School organises training sessions in Assamese, English, Social Science, Mathematics and Science subjects every year for the teachers of the school which follow AJB's academic framework and guidance. Experts along with our experienced teachers, conduct the sessions.
  • The Department of Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science conducted 'Science by Doing' programme on the All Assam Students Union's request to about 200 school students at Mirza.
  • A group of science and mathematics teachers conducted a training programme in science and mathematics for the Bodo medium teachers at Barma and Rowta, organised by the All Bodo Student's Union.
  • A three-day special English training is also organised every year in memory of Professor Uday Dutta. The programme is partly sponsored by the family of Late Dutta.


  • AJB was selected by FASS (Friends of Assam and Seven Sisters) on behalf of NASA, as the only school in the entire country to talk to astronaut Edward Mike Ficnke on board of ISS on 07 January 2009.
  • The AJB Trust instituted in 2008 a Fellowship for a period of two years to be offered to an outstanding personality of Assam. Shri Romen Barua,the prominent composer and lyricist for several decades, is the first recipient.
  • For 2010-11, Fellowship has been awarded on 22/02/10 to Shri Ananda Ch. Dutta of Chinamora, Jorhat, Assam for his outstanding works on the plants.
    Ananda Ch. Dutta